Feed your cold-blooded addiction.

Hunter Reptiles is the passion project of husband and wife duo Alex and Chloe. We’re a pair of engineers who fell in love with everything reptile-related and want to spread that addiction Australia-wide. If you’re looking to buy a snake, then you’ve come to the right place.

We specialise in the Morelia genus, including carpet pythons and rough-scaled pythons. We also have some exciting Antaresia and colubrid projects in the works. Our focus is on quality over quantity: we’re a family and our snakes are part of that family, not throwaway pets.

We’re located in the beautiful Hunter Valley in New South Wales, a 2 hour drive north of Sydney and a 45 minute drive to Newcastle. We’re passionate about providing the highest quality snakes in the Greater Newcastle area and beyond. We offer free local pickup, and we can also arrange quotes for road and air freight for NSW and interstate buyers (see our FAQ for more details, including an idea of pricing).

Whether you’re looking to buy a snake, whether it’s your first or fiftieth, we’re here to offer advice and support along the way – from getting your reptile-keeping license (easier than you might think) to pairing your snakes. So check out our available snakes and get in contact with us today!

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Reptile Nerds

We’re complete reptile nerds. The people who have reptile wall art in their house? Yep. Stacks of well loved reptile books? Guilty. You have questions? We’ll do our best to answer them.
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From Our Family To Yours

Hunter Reptiles isn’t a business; we’re a small family with a shared passion for anything reptilian. Our snakes are much loved members of the family too!
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PCR Tested

To keep our snakes (and yours) safe, we have strict quarantine protocols and do PCR testing when we add animals into our collection. Read more about why this is important from The Unusual Pet Vets.